Miami - A Destination Like No Other Home to Pan American Airlines. From its beautiful beaches to its unique multicultural neighborhoods and lively arts and nightlife scenes, Greater Miami offers a variety of experiences for everyone. Check us out here

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The Airbus A320

Our A320 serves destination on a regional and international basis. The seating has been arranged for both comfort and safety. Freedom of choice for our customers is always our priority. From Spacious Business Class to economical tourist class you will travel safely knowing that we have your interest in mind. We work for you.   Our interior design in all International...

The 747 Combi

The Mainstay of our fleet for international travel is the 747-400 Combi. This is a modified 747 allowing for upgraded seating positions which allow more separation, a cabin air filtration system which changes the air every three minutes, and an expanded cargo area allowing for more cargo which will offset the loss of seating. Business class, comfort class, tourist class,...

Rio de Janeiro

From the panoramic hilltop views to sunsets on the beach, Rio de Janeiro's beauty does not disappoint. Brazil's second largest city is called Cidade Maravilhosa, or, in English, the marvelous city. Fortunately, this bustling city is packed into a relatively small space, making it easy to see a lot in a short amount of time. These top ten attractions in Rio...

Investment Opportunity

Pan American World Airways, Inc. dba Pan Am Global is a privately held Holding company for the Pan Am Global group of companies. As a Florida "For Profit" Domestic Corporation Pan American World Airways (PAWA) dba Pan Am Global owns 1,000,000 Common Stock Shares valued at $1,000. Minimum Investment is $10,000 in Pan meircan World Airwys. Pan Am Airlines is the operating...


  International Routes A380 Cruiser Latin America Express Latin America Routes A 319 - Comfort Miami - Rio Rio de Janeiro - Miami Future Routes Bogota, Colombia Mexico City, Mexico Miami, Florida New York City, New York Madrid, Spain Paris, France Los Angeles, California Honolulu, Hawaii    


    29 May 2020 -Please extend a hearty PanAm Global welcome to our new Company President, D.G. Tatum. Gene comes to us from the private sector. He brings a wealth of experience in the Aviation Sector with over 35,000 hours of flight time. We look forward to his eventful return to the skies with Gene and his new staff.     19 March...

CoVid-19 Update – Our Offices are Temporarily Closed

Due to the viral outbreak affecting both national and international travel, PanAm offices are closed until further notice. Please feel free to contact us using the contact form on the website.   D.G. Tatum President

The Pan Am Alliance

The world of aviation is an ever changing service. No longer are customers willing to hop onboard a sardine can flying 35000 feet above earth without various health protections in place. No longer are we able to get away with offering minimum services onboard in order to fatten our botton-line. This Post Covid world demands change in almost every aspect of flight...